Ron Paul won't go down

The Daily Iowan ....... 06.27.2007
- Universitty of Iowa Student Newspaper

- by Christopher Reardon
-- UI law student

Ron Paul has been excluded from this Saturday's candidate forum hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance and The Daily Iowan hit the mark in ridiculing this decision. However, he is not about to "fade into obscurity."

An event has already been scheduled in Des Moines that coincides with the candidate forum, and Paul supporters from across Iowa and the USA will show up to hear him speak. Paul has the support of hippies and grandmothers, bikers and middle management. This is because he is the genuine article --- a true supporter of American-style freedom.

He is unequivocating in his antagonism to the warfare-welfare state, and he will do something about it. Ron Paul supporters come from all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common. We believe that we were born as free men and women, and we refuse to put up with the tyrannical policies that have dominated Washington during the 20th century and have come into blindingly sharp relief during the past seven years of the Cheney-Bush administration.

Furthermore, Ron Paul has an opportunity to win because the competition is a bunch of hacks. Where was Hillary's opposition to the war in 2003 ? ( She is not actually opposed to it now but says it has been "mismanaged", perhaps she would have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people more efficiently. )

Rudy is as belligerent as they come, as is McCain.

Obama supports economic sanctions on Iran, an act of war that ends up starving women and children ( see Iraq ).

And as far as taxes go, what other candidate has proposed the abolition of the IRS ? The IRS robs the American middle class to feed the corporate-WARfare state, but the middle class is waking up to this.

Enter Ron Paul.

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Scott C. said...

Dear Iowans for Paul,

I was angered after finding out that Ron Paul was excluded from tomorrow's platform. I hope the Attorney General nails "Failor Trash" to the wall.

All of us Paul supporters are really counting on you all to become a huge voice for his campaign. Iowa is where so much is won & lost, and you are a tremendously important piece to the puzzle. Good luck. See you tomorrow @ 4:30.

By the way, we don't think of you all as big, dumb farmers. I think I can speak for all of us Wisconsinites. LOL