Libertarian Rudy Giuliani

The Libertarian Party of Iowa endorses their pro-abortion and open border champion - the ex-mayor of New York Sanctuary City - who is NOW formally committed to those libertarian party values and ideals so dear to US - like sanctuary for felon criminals south of da border--
Florida is gonna love ya' Rudy !

The nominating convention of the Libertarian Party is set for May 2008 and we are so glad that our champion candidate is now committed to our most treasured social issues.

Go Rudy Go !

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manystrom said...

Hello Iowans!

I just finished making up these Iowa posters. This is my contribution from up here in Boston:


These are Adobe Acrobat format, and are meant to print out on a standard 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper, color copied and hung or distributed. Hope they are of use. I'd like to see the whole state plastered in them!

Also, if anyone there is interested in professional signs... If you do a search on Google for "Election Signs" - you'll get a bunch of different companies who are more than happy to print corrugated plastic signs for reasonable prices. You can just deal with them over the internet, and turnaround time is just about a week or so. The first company that comes up is this one:


They quote a price of $117 for 100 signs, or something thereabouts. If somebody wants to just get on the ball and order some signs, they can have them in about a week. It is not that much money - and you could probably take them and sell them yourself and make a little profit. I don't think Dr. Paul would mind - he's all about free market solutions, after all!

The important thing is that someone should just do it. That is what Kate at [url]www.ronpaulhq.com[/url] up in New Hampshire did - they just put the signs on the credit card, and were able to recoup their investment by selling them.

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom