Iowa Attorney General Office advises this morning

We just got off the phone with the Iowa Attorney General's office regarding Ed Failor Sr., Ed Failor Jr., and the Iowans For Tax Relief at taxrelief.org regarding their nonprofit status and their paypal PAC scheme.

Great advice as to how to proceed with the formal complaint against this sham nonprofit.

Have a Happy Summer everbuddy !

And also you too Ed Failor(s) - this will be alot of fun !

Ron Paul in Kansas City

June 22, 2007

Kansas City enthusiastically welcomed Congressman Ron Paul last Friday, June 15th.

Dr. Paul started the day with an interview by the editorial board of the Kansas City Star. Afterwards, he spoke to the National Right to Life Convention where he received a standing ovation. A reporter for the Los Angeles Times then interviewed Dr. Paul for over an hour for a major article to be published in a few weeks. After the interview, Missouri State Representative Jim Guest hosted a luncheon for Dr. Paul. They were joined by Missouri State Representative Brian Yates.

That evening, enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s campaign for president was in full display at the historic Uptown theater in midtown Kansas City. The Ron Paul Kansas City MeetUp group and others organized a rally for Dr. Paul at the Uptown. Theater management estimated the crowd to be over 700 people.

There were people of all ages in the crowd; from all walks for life. They were friendly, energetic and eager to support Dr. Paul's campaign for president. Missouri Representative Jim Guest introduced Congressman Paul to the cheering crowd. They gave Dr. Paul an enthusiastic welcome that would make any of the other presidential candidates envious.

Throughout the day, a two-man camera crew from the New York Times photographed Dr. Paul for an upcoming article in the New York Times Sunday magazine. The crew traveled with Dr. Paul to Phoenix the next day.

Photographs of the Kansas City event are posted at http://flickr.com/photos/92572752@N00/sets/72157600421461719

Thank you Kansas City!

Kent Snyder, Chairman
Ron Paul 2008

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Dale said...

Generally I am slow to anger, but when the news came that Doctor Paul was excluded from the so-called forum it upset me. The sponsors of the Presidential Forum appear to me to completely meet the Biblical definition of hypocrites! Ron Paul is my voice to the people. Stifling Ron Paul as a qualified candidate stifles my voice also. Great that the the good doctor found a way around it with a post-forum rally, and I plan to be there to show support. Now I won't have to file a federal lawsuit to shut the whole forum down unless Doctor Paul was included! I have the suit drafted and was set to file it Monday morning. Now that I got the latest news I'll save the filing fee and court arguments. Good going, Ron Paul Campaign, on getting it all resolved so that Doctor Paul is still heard!