Twelve new Commitments from Rudy

Rudia Giuliani's 12 commitments announced today all the while spending his political and personal life - at least from his draft dodger status in 1969 on - breaking at least half or so of the X Commandments

The ex-Democrat, ex-Independent, ex-mayor is presently still working on his third political party "commitment" AND
also his third marriage "commitment" .

We at the Rudy as CEO of 9/11 fan club would love to tell everyone in Florida about his " I AM RESPONSIBLE" placard he keeps on his desk.

Yep, Rudy, we hope everyone knows just how responsible you really are - the bona fide libertarian on abortion and immigration - with your abortion "It's ok" and immigration "sanctuary city" social policy - which is impportant for Supreme Court Justice and other appointments.

Geez, wonder how those commitments are gonna turn out fer ya' Rudy ?

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