WHO 1040AM Ron Paul podcast

Ron Paul's explanation of the difference between an isolationist and a non-interventionist gets really abused with the talkovers of journalists like Rich Sanchez while the media feeds us regurgitation of the laziest senator in the history of the second chamber - as the Senate was being called 220 years ago this month in Philly - forming an exploratory committe. Yes that's the late-in-everything, lazy cancer patient Freddie Thompson, who complained of the long hours voting after his one elected term as the US Senate replacement for VP Al Gore (D-TN).

The WHO 1040AM Michelson in the Morning discussion in it's ENTIRETY is - converted to mp3 format - will be podcast over the internet - available globally.

Also to celebrate the start of June - are the Cedar Rapids Kernels (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) who take on the Peoria Chiefs in a key Midwest League matchup with opening pitch for Lunch at the Ballpark sponsoreed by 104.5 FM set for 12:00 noon.

The Veterans Memorial Stadium KernelsCam should have the opening pitch available over the internet as well.

See ya' all at Sluggers early Tuesday evening !

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