Lieberman endorses Rudy in GOP race

Fox News Channel reported on Sunday that U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (I - Connecticut ) would endorse the GOP candidates that "are not opposed to abortion rights" - specifically including Senator John McCain ( R - Arizona ) and ex-Democrat, ex-Independent, ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Joe - have ya' read the U.S. Constitution ?

Where do you derive "abortion rights" from ?

When the GOP - or Independent - 44th President of these United States nominates the next Supreme Court Justice in what 2010 or so, you won't even have an "abortion precedent" to go with your non-existant "right to an abortion murder"

Also on Sunday, Tim Russert reported on Meet The Press that in statewide Iowa GOP polling, Rudy is at 14 % and McCain (after 8 years of Iowa campaigning) is at 10 %

Best of luck to the dynamic duo of Rudy and McCain as the GOP champions of "abortion rights" when they swing through Dubuque to speak to the catholic woman and men next time - well . . . ., by then Rudy and McCain may both be in the single digits statewide.

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