How much Giuliani fears a potential poor showing in Iowa - strong on terror
afraid of Iowa.


rruedac said...

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I've already linked your URL (Iowans for Ron Paul) in my site


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manystrom said...

Hello -

I'm interested in what kind of support Ron Paul has in Iowa, and some of the history on the Iowa Straw Poll. My name is Michael Nystrom, editor of Daily Paul.com. I wonder if there is anyone there who would be willing to write a brief update on what's going on, what the Straw Poll is, why Rudy & McCain have dropped out, etc. I'm new to this whole political thing, and I'm sure many others are, too. Does Dr. Paul have an organization there in Iowa? I'm sure many people are interested!

Thank you!

You can contact me at: thankyou {AT} daily paul dot com. (Run it all together, of course, and use the @ symbol)

Thank you for the good work!

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Michael Nystrom