Rudy : "another mistake"

Fox News Channels reports this morning that ex Democrat, ex-Independent Rudy Giuliani (L-Hamastan) says -
"It was a mistake to join the Iraq Study Group."

As a 1969 draft dodger it was ok for me to interrupt the South Carolina debate on May 15 for political grandstanding and to challenge a Vietnam vet - demanding a retraction.
I talk more than read - and they pay me too - 100G's a pop.

And that Wolf Blitzer wimp would never ask me Rudy about New York Sanctuary City under my Queen Rudia rules! - I'll defie Supreme Court rulings against me right up to September 5th - I'll show them --
"Freedom is about Authority" -

All graffitti taggers to be put in jail, but I'll open the borders to illegal aliens 'cause maybe they can't read either and I can pander to them for votes too.
Well, until after 9/11 anyway - way too much in the spotlight then, I gotta be tough on WOT now!

I'll be laughing all the way to the bank - and my defiance of the Bush administration INS rules and policy - everyone is afraid to ask !

It is just like my laugh at habeus corpus - after all Micheal Marchand - an Advocate General of the US Army in Dallas on Tuesday or even CIA General Counsel nominee John Rizzo in DC on Tuesday - would never fess up to the United States having three seperate standards for applying the Geneva convention treaty promises in Afghanistan, Iraq, or at Club Gitmo - or DID they? Me and my Florida friend Rush Limbaugh are all for Club Gitmo - no one remembers Algiers from 1954 to 1962 anyways - we're strong on WOT - with the open borders and all.

Rudy has the lock on the Libertarian Party nomination in May 2008 as our write-in candidate !

AUSTINPHISH - Thanks for the comments austinphish - another great idea -
we are scheduled for a sortof Freedom Fighters July 4th (actually the of evening July 3rd) meetup in Iowa City across from the Sheraton right off the the IC pedestrian mall - it is the same location as the "Hitlary" fopr President Steering Committee uses - with locked doors last night against public ordinance part of the time I might add - she's soooooo politically savvy !

Of course - it is open to the public - learn about Iowa republicans and it will be posted on mediacom cable channel 10 in the Iowa City area - the more the merrier -

Have a great summer everbuddy !


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austinphish said...


austinphish said...

Ah yes, it worked.

Ok, are you connected to any of the meetup groups? I saw something online recently about "The Great Tractor Parade" on June 26th. Any thoughts on a Ron Paul tractor?