Event at "The Five Spot" in Iowa

With the March 12 formal filing by Texan Ron Paul with the Federal Election Commission in his bid to seek the GOP nomination for President of these United States, the preparations can begin with University officials for use of the Pentacrest.

Per University guidelines eleven posters will be needed for the main boards with another 139 posters needed for display on bulletin boards located on each floor of the residence halls with posters distributed by the University Housing Office to be permitted only on designated bulletin boards.

When Iowa was becoming a state in 1846 this site overlooking the Iowa River in Johnson County was chosen as the most perfect by those French-Canadian settlers whose "hache" (aka hatchet or axe) had been used to clear these prairelands.

After Macbride Hall completed the four surrounding buildings built by 1924 the Old State Capitol and those four surrounding buildings were called "the five spot" by the depression era Iowans and a contest was later held to formally name this site . . . the winner was and is . . .
the Pentacrest.

The Union in 1846 - in part because of the work of Governeur Morris and Samuel Johnson in August of 1787 - had recognized that some states of the East would desire to be free and some states of the South would be slave states - the greatest indication that the drafters of the constitution desired that this union of states would be mostly federal in characteristic - save for a common defense, the security of liberty - by a supreme judiciary, and some general welfare - like public health and environmental concerns now -
- and that these states should be accorded the right to determine their destiny even when there are issues with very different politics. The U.S. Constitution was designed for state autonomy!

Texas - the 28th state was being admitted to the Union - and as a slave state, Texas needed a free state - a "sister" state. Iowa - HAD to be born . . .

So, as the settlers and Iowan Indians co-existed in this territory, the first State Constitution of Iowa was drafted in this building.

Hey. . . the Iraqis might be off to a good enough start by some accounts . . .albeit a bit radical - and they got this two - or more - party political sysytem -
I think it Sunnis and Shites - along with some thugs hanging around !

And so . . .
As the student protests of 1970 and 1974 took place with the likes of Patricia Farrell on the Pentacrest -
we just might - if the powers that be - let us . . . just be able to repeat that simple two word banner again . . .


Come register to vote - and . . .
Come join The Party - This GOP.


Ron Paul To Make Campaign Stop in Iowa

GOP Congressman Ron Paul and his wife Carol are being extended an invitation by the Iowans for Ron Paul 2008 for a March 2007 visit.

The tentative itinerary includes a rally from the steps of the Old Capitol Building Museum in Iowa City with organizers utilizing the adjacent park between Washington Street and Jefferson Street across from Phillips Hall.

See you there.

"We encourage your support for Ron Paul at the Iowa Republican straw poll on August 11 toward his GOP nomination for President of these United States.

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