Rudy Giuliani 'en fuego'

McCain's "Defacto amnesty" plan

Rudy Giuliani is metaphorically - en fuego " on fire " after one billion VOLTS - not votes - were delivered during his first abortion question at last nights Grand Old Party debate - cutting out his microphione during lightning strikes as he spoke -- Rudy is clearly alone on this in the GOP and in the WORLD.
Do the right thing NOW Rudy !

GIULIANI : Abortion - "It's ok"

But not to be upstaged, in the idiot department of those with with over 12 minutes to talk and show us how utterly stupid you are - was Arizona Senator / retard John McCain who asked about his "defacto amnesty plan " -

"If anyone has a better idea ?

in which case EVERYBUDDY raised their hand wanting the mike from Wolf Blitzer after which the nine remaining GOP contenders raidsed there hand for CNN's Wolf Blitz

to call on them -

answer Mr McCaon with all due respect sir is EVERBUDDY has a better idea than your "defacto amnesty plan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McCain has given a new definition to political pandering - as in I pulled a McCain"
with is a new answer about NOT having English as the official language of the United States of America with a now permanent quote on U-Tube --

MCCAIN : "Its fine !"

NO time to finish edit - but this is gonna be months of laughter provided by the two biggrest pandering morons the GOP ever has contemplated to run.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Giuliani to win the general election - although Hitlary supporters donate to his campaign - the now unlikely GOP nomination of the ex-Democrat, ex-Independent, ex - mayor would necessitate a third party pro-lifer.


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