Iowa Dept. of Revenue
v. Ed Failor,
Iowans For Tax Relief, et al.

I was expecting this morning to get a meetup on the schedule and got hit with this news -
it will take a bit of time to catch up now - but I'll have something to send off to MSNBC's Chris Matthews now as well.

First, Ron Paul did just great - as usual - with the short 5 minutes with MSNBC's Chris Jansing yesterday about this time of day.

And Rudy Giuliani was in Des Moines today for a "Policy Address".

But most importantly, regarding the exclusion by Iowans For Tax Relief on June 30th -

I contacted the Iowa Republican Party to ask to talk to Chuck Laudner, Executive Director -
CLaudner@IowaGOP.org - who was in meeting but Eric Johansen explained that they could only contact this organization AFTER the event because they are a nonprofit.

But as a nonprofit they can NOT endorse political candidates under Iowa statutory law - so the Iowans For Tax Relief's exclusion of Ron Paul with the inclusion of Brownback, Gilmore, Huckabee, Romney, Tancredo, and T. Thompson - is in violation of Iowa nonprofit Code. They seem to also be forgetting Alexander Hamilton's words in Federalist Papers No. 83 in Muscatine and the construction of statutes - and the legal principle of exclusio alterius in particular here to the Revised Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act - Chapter 504 of the Iowa Code.

I may try to get a copy of their Articles of Incorporation as public record but I truly do NOT see how they can get around the specific exclusion of Dr. Paul - it amounts to endorsing of a candidate - or specifically exclusion of an FEC filed candidate. I seriously doubt that they can try this without serious reprucussions to their nonprofit status - especially if Ron Paul WANTS to be included in their forum.

Dr. Paul did great on the Jon Stewart Show a few weeks back and also on the CSPAN coverage of his New Hampshire Public Radio - just fantastic, as well as yesterday on MSNBC's "Super Tuesday".

Keep up the great work everbuddy!

cc: contact/letter to :
David Casey
Compliance Division
Iowa Dept of Revenue

Inform the compliance division of Failor's paypal fraud occurring through the website below - all the evidence needed Failor you moron - what's burning - sniff--sniff--- your toast Failor ! enjoy the forum !!!!!!


Ron Paul Excluded in Iowa

June 19, 2007

Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance will host a presidential candidates forum on Saturday, June 30th in Des Moines. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Tommy Thompson, and Tom Tancredo will participate.

Ron Paul, however, will not participate. Why? Because he wasn’t invited.

We heard about this forum from numerous supporters in Iowa who asked why Dr. Paul was not going to participate. Those supporters assumed that Dr. Paul was invited.

The campaign office had not received an invitation so we called this morning; thinking we might have misplaced the invitation or simply overlooked it. Lew Moore, our campaign manager, called Mr. Edward Failor, an officer of Iowans for Tax Relief, to ask about it. To our shock, Mr. Failor told us Dr. Paul was not invited; he was not going to be invited; and he would not be allowed to participate. And when asked why, Mr. Failor refused to explain. The call ended.

Lew then called Mr. Steve Sheffler, president of the Iowa Christian Alliance, to talk with him. Mr. Sheffler did not answer so Lew left a message. He has yet to respond.

Why are the Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance excluding the one Republican candidate who scored at the top of every online poll taken after the MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN debates? Why are they denying Iowans the opportunity to hear from the Republican presidential candidate whose popularity is growing by the day?

We couldn’t get answers to these questions from Messrs. Failor and Sheffler. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Their contact information is below.

It's ironic that on the same day we learned the Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance excluded Dr. Paul from their candidates forum, we received a call from ABC News confirming Dr. Paul’s participation in its nationally broadcast August 5th debate to be held in Des Moines.

Kent Snyder, Chairman
Ron Paul 2008

Contact Information

Edward Failor
Iowans for Tax Relief
2610 Park Avenue
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
Phone: 563-288-3600 or 877-913-3600
Fax: 563-264-2413
E-mail: itr@taxrelief.org

Steve Sheffler, President
Iowa Christian Alliance
939 Office Park Road, Suite 115
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Phone: 515-225-1515
Fax: 515-225-1826
E-mail: slscheffler@iowachristian.com


Nate said...

check it out. Ed Failor is from the McCain campaign.


Apparently as a 'senior advisor'.

what a punk.

Kevin said...

Do you know how many candidates there are that have filed with the FEC?! At least 174. Do you seriously expect the Iowans for Tax Relief to include all of them? They have absolutely no obligation to include anybody. They are a private organization who wants to have a forum with a few speakers. It's their choice who they are. They are not supporting a candidate by inviting interesting speakers to a meeting of theirs. You cannot expect them to invite every single one of the one hundred seventy four candidates!

JeanH said...

Thank you "Iowans for Tax Relief" for helping to show the WORLD how our current election process really works!God gave us eyes to see with and yes we do see!
Next we will see what "blowback" is! How you treat others does affect how you are treated. My advice in the future DO ON TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO ON TO YOU! I think that is one of the principles the American political establishment seems to have forgotten lately but the American people have not! We are watching.

James said...

Behold, the Almighty uses his people to speak to the hypocrites of greed and lust. Heed our warning! For the Father Himself knows all and sees all. The kingdom of heaven is a narrow gate for the rich. Hence Jesus has warned the wicked! Praise Jesus! God Bless Ron Paul!