Romney, Thompson, Paul top GOP straw poll
Last Updated 8/16/2007 6:26:41 PM

Results from the Illinois Republican Party's straw poll at the Illinois State Fairgrounds gave top ratings to three candidates: Ex-Gov. Mitt Romney, Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, with Ex-mayor Rudy Giulani a distant fourth among Illinois voters.

Romney received 40.4 percent of the straw poll ballots to Thompson's 19.96 percent, Paul's 18.9 percent and Giulani's 11.6 percent.

Others receiving support were: John McCain 4.1 percent; Mike Huckabee, 3.0 percent, Sam Brownback 1.1 percent; Duncan Hunter 0.7 percent; and Tom Tancredo, 0.33 percent.

Organizers said 922 people took part in the poll. Participants did not need to be registered Republicans, but they did need to be Illinois residents.

Ron Paul leads Giuliani in Illinois GOP poll

Illinois Republican Presidential Straw Poll & GOP Day at the Illinois State Fair


To vote in the straw poll, you must be an Illinois resident at least 18 years old or older by February 5, 2008 (Illinois Primary Election Day) and you must present a valid Illinois Driver's License or Government-Issued Photo ID card with your current Illinois address. This is required to validate eligibility and prevent double voting.

Straw Poll voting is free of charge.

Presidential campaigns participating in the Illinois Republican Presidential Straw Poll are not charged a fee for their participation.

One of two requirements dictates a presidential candidate’s participation in the Illinois Republican Presidential Straw Poll: 1.) Polling above 5% in national, independent polls; or 2.) Having participated in any of the previous nationally televised debates in 2007.

Straw poll voting will take place on The Director's Lawn on the Illinois State Fairgrounds from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Giuliani is ok with defacto annesty

Giuliani eyes citizenship path for illegals
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, August 15,2007

Rudolph Giuliani is going down the John McLame path of "defacto amnesty" saying yesterday he would grant a pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens already in the country.


Romney's "message" in Ames !

"AT LEAST" 100.000 more troops - and flipper is proud of that policy talking point.

Apparently, the neo-con's military indistrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us all about in his farewell address in 1961 is alive and well in Iowa, while our flags have been at half-mast for another Iowa KIA in the battlefield of Iraq.

Romney has been passing out forms for the straw poll since April - ALL his Iowa expenses of around $3.5 million has been to buy a scant 4500 voters, several bussed in from nursing homes - around 800 bucks per straw poll vote.


On the Road in Iowa
Dr. Paul's batteries were well charged from Sunday night's enthusiastic rally in Fairfield, giving him a much needed boost for a busy day. Traveling with his wife Carol and a team of four staffers, Dr. Paul was on the road at 7:00 am to Iowa City for an editorial board interview with the Iowa Press-Citizen. Dr. Paul then headed to Cedar Rapids for an interview with the Gazette, several local radio interviews, and lunch with supporters.

There wasn't much time for Dr. Paul's lunch to settle as the team immediately headed to town hall meetings in Wellsburg and Mason City. While the travel was tiring, the community gatherings were a great chance for Dr. Paul to introduce himself to Iowans who were less familiar with his message of freedom, peace and prosperity.

The last meeting ran late, lasting until 9:00 pm, and the Paul crew had another substantial drive to Fort Dodge to get a jump on the next day's activites. The two-car caravan traveled through an intense lightning storm which was beautiful but made for slow going. It was nearing midnight before Dr. Paul finally checked into his hotel after a 6:00 am wake-up call staring him in the face. Dr. Paul is working hard in the fight for liberty and needs all of our support.


First, we confess this is a bit of over-analyzing - well maybe, but anywhoo . . .

On the national map the statewide Iowa numbers are small compared to New York, Michigan, well, nearly everywhere for all candidates - HOWEVER in Eastern Iowa (zip codes 52000 - 52999 ) campaign contributions through the 2nd quarter / June 30, 2007 of declared candidates BOTH Republican AND Democrat; Texas 10-term Congressman Ron Paul is 7th, and among only GOP candidates is in 4th ahead of ALL other "second tier" declared GOP candidates.

Of those declared Republicans competing in the Ames GOP Straw Poll on August 11, ONLY W. Mitt Romney has raised more money in Eastern Iowa than Congressman Paul.

Most surprising - Ron Paul has raised more in campaign contributions in Eastern Iowa than Hillary Clinton!

Duncan Hunter is dead last in Eastern Iowa - even Democrat senator Mike Gravel has raised more in Eastern Iowa than Hunter.

1. Romney
2. Obama
3. Edwards
4. McCain
5. Giuliani
6. Richardson
8. Brownback
9. Hillary Clinton
10. Tommy Thompson
11. Dodd
12. Huckabee
13. Biden
14. Tancredo
15. Kicinich
16. Gravel
17. Hunter

After years of claiming to be an excellent swimmer and stories of swimming at his house on Lake Winnipesaukee, a stunning new photo, sent anonymously to FreeRepublic, clearly indicates that this is yet another lie from the Romney machine!

Well, some politicians are just better swimmers!


Military contributions for Q2

Ron Paul - - 32.94%
John McCain - - 22.99%
Hillary Clinton - - 13.92%
Bill Richardson - - 7.03%
Barack Obama - - 6.85%
Mitt Romney - - 4.68%
Rudy Giuliani - - 3.06%
John Edwards - - 2.97%
Tom Tancredo - - 1.85%
Duncan Hunter - - 1.32%
Joe Biden - - 1.06%
Mike Huckabee - - 0.20%
Mike Gravel - - 0.09%
Sam Brownback - - 0.07%
Dennis Kucinich - - 0%
Tommy Thompson - - 0%
Chris Dodd - - 0%
Jim Gilmore - - 0%
John Cox - - 0%

Ron Paul leads all in military supporters


New Office: One of Dr. Paul's many stops that week will be at the grand opening of the campaign's brand new office in Des Moines. The office will be located at :

405 6th Avenue, Suite 104
Des Moines IA 50309

More info on the grand opening is coming shortly.

Signs: Signs will be available soon! They have been shipped and should be arriving at the Des Moines office shortly, where they can be picked up.

Thank you: As always, thank you to everyone for your hard work and support.