More Rudy revealed

CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 revealed on Independence Day that ex-Democrat, ex-Indeep., draft dodger Rudy Giuliani

knowingly, willfully, and capriously did violate New York Code, Article 255.17 -

an offense analogous to what William Jefferson Clinton committed perjury and obstruction about - and which ultimately led to the disgrace of impeachment of the 42nd President by the first branch of the federal legislature - the United States House of Representatives.

Since Judy Riuliani advocates that "Freedom is about authority" - instructing the pol-ice to arrest graffitti artists and other misdeamenors, he should free us all from his charade as the ex-mayor of New York Sanctuary City NOW wanting to be President of these United States.

Do the crime Rudy - so do the time !

Then, maybe you can talk to us about abortion "It's ok" - or immigration defacto amnesty or joining the Iraq Study Group was a mistake 'cause people will believe what I say even if I don't read.

"Do the right thing Rudy, and you won't go to jail."
Ed Koch remembers you well !

Friends of Condi Rice VP agree that the draft dodger who defiantly opposed the INS Rules and policies promulgated aginst him by the U.S. Justice Department "has far outkicked his coverage".

Today's Birthday Boy's words of 09.11.2001 around 9pm about going after those who harbor terrorists includes those who are enablers of the expired visas of Atta's gang of 19
STILL apply since there is no statute of limitations for such an act of defiant treason Rudy !

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