MSNBC "Super Tuesday"

Ex-governor Tommy Thompson tells every Iowan what they don't want to hear -- in effect,
"waste your vote on me so that I will let the Iraqis vote to tell me what to do !"
Yucck, good luck with 'dat Tommy !

Great comments by The Nation Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel acknowledging among other things about Congressman Paul that he is very eloquent in speaking and as a candidate when describing his hopeful direction for this nation.

From tracking legislation to knowing the candidates The Nation has very thoughtful commentary, opinions and polls - we voted of course for Ron Paul as the likely GOP opponent in their race against Hitlary !

See the page at : http://www.thenation.com/#pollbucket
target="_blank">The Nation "pollbucket" page

Seated next to Katrina vanden Heuvel, MSNBC favorite Pat Buchanan chimed in bringing up Ron Paul again as well, getting a chuckle out of the campaign spending comparison of the two Vietnam vet GOP candidates - John McCain and Ron Paul.

Pat Buchanan is right because Ron Paul has been running a spartan campaign - which is how the nation would be run to business' and taxpayer's delight. John McCain has been flushing those $millions in campaign contributions down the toilet.

Also, the MSNBC political analyst - and maybe a VP possibility - Pat Buchanan just mentioned this morning that Prince George County in suburbia DC Maryland has implemented an anti-Rudy Giuliani style /anti-Sanctuary City policy with it's police department and illegal immigrants -

See : The American Spectator Sanctuary Laws and Giuliani by Joel Himelfarb published 03.15.2007 http://www.amspec.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=11152

"Rudy has used the horrible events of September 11 to create a persona that is an elaborate fabrication," says International Association of FireFighters General President Harold Schaitberger. "He is nothing more than a shameless self-promoter."

See : http://www.rudy-urbanlegend.com/index.asp?v=pgwoop0M_ic


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