Billary lackey George Stephanopoulos displays his omnipotent wisdom by stating on MSNBC this morning that "the second tier (GOP) candidates aren't doing much"

We hope the pundits get to put the whole darn shoestore
in their mouths.

Excerpts from the Washington Post online:

Giuliani AWOL In Cyberspace

Source; Washington Post online

Giuliani's the only candidate whose MySpace profile is set to private. ("Is there any special wisdom that he can claim for being the only one with a private profile?" quipped a Republican online political operative.) He's invisible on Facebook, where the profiles of Rep. Ron Paul, an online darling, and Romney, whose five sons are blogging it up online, have 14,000 and 12,000 supporters, respectively.
. . .
If you look at the campaigns that really do innovative, revolutionary things online, they are usually the underdog campaigns -- Ron Paul. When you're a frontrunner like Rudy, you don't want to take risks and make mistakes. Secondly, I've been to events where Rudy has spoken. He's very guarded. He's not the most accessible of candidates.

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