Rudy opts out of CNN/YouTube Debate

July 29, 2007 -- Ana Marie Cox, Time Magazine is reporting that ex-Dem. ex-Indeep. draft dodger Rudy Giuliani will skip out and also dodge the CNN/YouTube Debates - and so far only the Vietnam veterans Ron Paul and John McCain have agreed to withstand the barrage of questions
- maybe some silly - maybe some 'sanctuary city serious" -
from the citizenry.

And from a Washingtonpost.com 07.27.2007 article - link will not work - titled Giuliani AWOL in Cyberspace :
Giuliani AWOL

"Giuliani's the only candidate whose MySpace profile is set to private. ("Is there any special wisdom that he can claim for being the only one with a private profile?" quipped a Republican online political operative.) He's invisible on Facebook, where the profiles of Rep. Ron Paul, an online darling, and Romney, whose five sons are blogging it up online, have 14,000 and 12,000 supporters, respectively.
. . .
If you look at the campaigns that really do innovative, revolutionary things online, they are usually the underdog campaigns -- Ron Paul. When you're a frontrunner like Rudy, you don't want to take risks and make mistakes. Secondly, I've been to events where Rudy has spoken. He's very guarded. He's not the most accessible of candidates."

BTW, check out Ron Paul visiting at Google in California two weeks ago - courtesy of YouTube - veerry cool ! -

RP in Mountain View, CA at the Google headquarters


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JerzeyJennie said...

I just wanted to make a correction. People keep referring to Ron Paul as a Vietnam Veteran, but I dont think thats the case. I believe he was in the service during the years of Vietnam, but was overseas in different countries at the time. I just didnt want anyone to put any misinformation out there :) He never says he was a veteran of Vietnam, he only says that he was in the military during that time.

Do you have a link to somewhere that actually says he's a vietnam vet rather than a vet that was around during vietnam?