Next GOP Debate June 5

The next GOP debate sponsored by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics will be on June 5, 2007 along with co-sponsors the New Hampshire Union Leader, Channel 9 ABC affiliate WMUR-TV, and CNN at Saint Anselm College, a Benedictine Catholic liberal arts school in Manchester, New Hampshire.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a strict constitutionalist and fierce anti-war critic, was the Libertarian nominee for president in 1988.

Paul, a nine-term congressman who represents a district just south of Houston that includes Galveston and stretches along the Gulf Coast nearly to Corpus Christi, describes himself as a lifelong Libertarian running as a Republican.

Paul has spent most of his career outside the GOPs traditional circles. He limits his view of the role of the federal government to those specifically laid out in the U.S. Constitution. As a result, he sometimes casts votes that appear at odds with his constituents and other Republicans.

Paul, for example, was the only Republican congressman to vote against Department of Defense appropriations for fiscal year 2007, which he opposed because of the war in Iraq — a war he says is "not necessary for our actual security."

Dallas Morning News

"The most important office in a democracy is the office of citizen."
--Justice Louis Brandeis

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