The "CEO of 9/11" - Rudy Giuliani

It is believed that the attacks were originally planned to be executed between March and September 2000 but eventually occurred on the morning of September 11, 2001, when nineteen terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners.

But Atta and the al-Qaeda network patiently needed to wait for self-proclaimed "9/11 CEO" Rudy Giuliani to challenge the INS with his defiant Sanctuary City policy enabling the 19 terrorists to stay in the U.S. and use Giuliani's New York City as their launching platform.

Giuliani is a closet Libertarian on immigration and border control.
Constitutionalist Republican Dr. Ron Paul - whose border policy includes opposition to the North American Union uniting Canada, the United States, and Mexico and NO AMNESTY is the safest policy America can establish in the WOT.

The "CEO of 9/11" - Rudy Giuliani - IS just that precisely - his actions enabled Atta and the gang of 19 to carry out the attacks against the United States - which cost the world 2,973 people lives with an additional 24 missing and presumed dead.

His disregard for INS policy and U.S. law in the months previous to September 11, 2001 culminated with his disdain for the Supreme Court ruling against him as late as September 5, 2001 -

We just thought that you would want to know what Rudy was up to BEFORE September 11..


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