All flipper and No Gipper

In the 1970s, The Rolling Stone began to make a mark for its political coverage and now in 2007 it is getting in to the fray with an article in it's May 31 edition where Tim Dickinson takes shots at the GOP race with a piece titled :
ALL FLIPPER, NO GIPPER - The GOP's pathetic candidadates, or : Why three wrongs can't please the right."

Among some of the harshest criticism is that directed at Willard (Mitt)Romney -
"Romney has flip-flopped on nearly every political position he has ever taken."
and cancer patient Fred Thompson - "This is a man who served eight undistinguished, skirt-chasing years in the Senate before stepping down because the job required too much effort - "I don't like spending fourteen- and sixteen-hour days voting" said Thompson.

The exception is the constitutionalist Republican from a Gulf Coast district of Texas - and another Ron - Ron Paul.

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