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Aakash said...

I just RSVP'ed at the Ron Paul presidential campaign site, for the Iowa Straw Poll. My College Republicans chapter, and perhaps some others in Illinois, might be bringing some volunteers over... These will be general Straw Poll volunteers, so I don't know if we will be asked to help out generally, or for the campaigns of our choice.

I plan to be there for most (or preferably, all) of the day on Saturday, and I would like to also help out Dr. Paul there, if I get the chance.

Are all the tickets the same price (i.e. - $35 ?). Also, do we have to get tickets in advance, before they run out, or will there be plently left, that we can purchase at the door?

Springfield, Illinois is six hours away from Ames, Iowa... so I want to make sure we have as many details as possible worked out, before we make the trip.