First, we confess this is a bit of over-analyzing - well maybe, but anywhoo . . .

On the national map the statewide Iowa numbers are small compared to New York, Michigan, well, nearly everywhere for all candidates - HOWEVER in Eastern Iowa (zip codes 52000 - 52999 ) campaign contributions through the 2nd quarter / June 30, 2007 of declared candidates BOTH Republican AND Democrat; Texas 10-term Congressman Ron Paul is 7th, and among only GOP candidates is in 4th ahead of ALL other "second tier" declared GOP candidates.

Of those declared Republicans competing in the Ames GOP Straw Poll on August 11, ONLY W. Mitt Romney has raised more money in Eastern Iowa than Congressman Paul.

Most surprising - Ron Paul has raised more in campaign contributions in Eastern Iowa than Hillary Clinton!

Duncan Hunter is dead last in Eastern Iowa - even Democrat senator Mike Gravel has raised more in Eastern Iowa than Hunter.

1. Romney
2. Obama
3. Edwards
4. McCain
5. Giuliani
6. Richardson
8. Brownback
9. Hillary Clinton
10. Tommy Thompson
11. Dodd
12. Huckabee
13. Biden
14. Tancredo
15. Kicinich
16. Gravel
17. Hunter

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