On the Road in Iowa
Dr. Paul's batteries were well charged from Sunday night's enthusiastic rally in Fairfield, giving him a much needed boost for a busy day. Traveling with his wife Carol and a team of four staffers, Dr. Paul was on the road at 7:00 am to Iowa City for an editorial board interview with the Iowa Press-Citizen. Dr. Paul then headed to Cedar Rapids for an interview with the Gazette, several local radio interviews, and lunch with supporters.

There wasn't much time for Dr. Paul's lunch to settle as the team immediately headed to town hall meetings in Wellsburg and Mason City. While the travel was tiring, the community gatherings were a great chance for Dr. Paul to introduce himself to Iowans who were less familiar with his message of freedom, peace and prosperity.

The last meeting ran late, lasting until 9:00 pm, and the Paul crew had another substantial drive to Fort Dodge to get a jump on the next day's activites. The two-car caravan traveled through an intense lightning storm which was beautiful but made for slow going. It was nearing midnight before Dr. Paul finally checked into his hotel after a 6:00 am wake-up call staring him in the face. Dr. Paul is working hard in the fight for liberty and needs all of our support.

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