Iowa Straw Poll 2007 Questions and Answers
for Ron Paul supporters

Q. When does the voting start?
A. Saturday, August 11th from 10am to 6pm.

Q. Is there any pre decorations being done that I can get involved in?
A. On Friday, August 10th from 8am to 12noon. Campaigns will be allowed to decorate the inside of Hilton Coliseum. Everyone will enter from south upper-level entrance. These decorations are for the 15 minute speeches that each candidate gives during the day. The Speech order list is available on your meet up group’s sites in the file area. The file name is “Straw Poll Speech List”. The times of these speeches are yet to be determined.

Q. If I would drive myself, is there a particular place to
A. Parking will be available South of Hilton Coliseum. There are maps available on your meet up group’s sites in the file area. These maps also show the Ron Paul tent area were we will be having our festivities through out the day. The file names are “Straw-poll-maps-list” & “2007 straw poll maps and brochure”.

Q. How would one arrange for a bus ride if I live inside Iowa?
A. At this time we are working on our transportation strategy. Contact your meet up group leader of people you know needing rides. He will contact our person in charge of transportation.

Q. Are there tickets available for the event paid for by the Ron Paul campaign?
A. No tickets will be provided by the Ron Paul Campaign. Ron Paul refused any thought of buying votes.
But, the Iowa Ron Paul Grass root initiative is looking at other avenues to supply tickets.
Also there will be multiple political interest groups at the straw poll with tents that will have tickets available, such as the Fairtax...etc..

Q. What is the cost of the tickets?
A. $35.00

Q. Is it necessary to be a registered Republican?
A. No, anyone 18 or older Iowa resident can vote.

Q. Will an Iowa ID and/or voter's registration be required?
A. Only participants who present photo ID of the following type will be allowed to vote: Valid Iowa Driver’s License, Military ID or Student ID from and Iowa College/University.

Q. Can someone under 18 vote in the poll, if they will be 18 by the day of the 2008 general election?
A. Participants have to be 18 on or before Nov. 4th 2008.

Q. If I am not from Iowa can I still participate?
A. Yes, we will need volunteers to help with various duties throughout the day of the event, along with Friday’s decorating and Sunday’s clean up as well.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Camera, Video Camera and a friend....

Q. Will Ron Paul be there in person?
A. I am told that Dr. Paul will be at the event the whole day. Schedule is pending on the exact time of his 15 minute speech allowed to each candidate inside Hilton Coliseum

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